Admission Requirments

1. Admission Policy
1.1 Admission to the school depends upon the available space in the appropriate age group and the school’s ability to meet the needs of the applicant/ the student.

-Priority is given to students who have a sibling attending the school (Priority goes as follows American system students, British system students, National system students) and children of staff.

American Grade Level Age Requirements are as follow:

KG13 years and 6 monthsGrade 610 years and 6 months
KG24 years and 6 monthsGrade 711 years and 6 months
Grade 15 years and 6 monthsGrade 812 years and 6 months
Grade 26 years and 6 months Grade 913 years and 6 months
Grade 37 years and 6 monthsGrade 1014 years and 6 months
Grade 48 years and 6 monthsGrade 1115 years and 6 months
Grade 59 years and 6 monthsGrade 1216 years and 6 months

* A child should be the appropriate age by the 1st of October.

1.2 Registration Policy

Parent fills an application form .Both Parents submit copies of their IDs.

On payment of the entrance assessment fee, students from Grade 1-12 sit for the entrance tests.
Applicants for Kindergarten will be assessed informally according to set criteria. Interviews are arranged according to school schedule.

Results of interviews/tests will be given within a week after the interview.

1.3 Entrance Examination:
All students from Grade 1 – Grade 12 seeking admission will have to take entrance test in English, Mathematics and Arabic – Written tests. Grade 2-10 will have to take MAP Test in Reading, Language and Mathematics as well.

For admission to Grade 1 and 2, students need to pass in English and Mathematics (Pass grade is 60%). A test in Arabic will be given to understand the level of knowledge. In case, there are very few seats available in a class, these seats go to the best applicants who score the best scores.

For admission to Grade 3 and above, students need to pass in English, Mathematics and Arabic. (English and Mathematics: Pass Grade is 65%- Arabic: Pass Grade: 50%)
If a student fails one of the three exams (If he or she scores between 30%-50%), he or she will be given a retest free of cost within ten days from the date of the first examination.
If the student scores 50% in the retest, he or she will be accepted only if…
Student takes remedial course(s) during summer and/or after school hours or on Saturdays during the academic year for extra fees.
Another test is taken after the completion of the remedial course.
*In case, there are very few seats available in a class, these seats go to the best applicants with the best scores.

1.4 Fees:
Once student has been accepted into the school, parent will be required to pay in advance 60% of the tuition fees.
Textbooks fees are paid during the month of August and parent will be invoiced accordingly.
Parent is responsible for the payment of external examination (MAP or PSAT or others) fee at the time of examination entry or in December.
Grade 12 students pay fees required for
1. Thanaweya Amma Exams (in January).
2. Ministry stamping as well as transcript and diploma stamping (in May).