Attendance Letter to Parents

Attendance letter to parents
Dear Parent,
I am asking for your support in improving whole school attendance and punctuality.
At a time when so much education has been disrupted (during Covid), it is vital that we make every
school minute count. I urge you to ensure that your child is in school and on time every day to prevent
anyone falling behind with their learning.
It is considered that attendance of 90% (162 days of attendance – 18 days of absence) or below is
persistent absence which will be closely monitored by school administration.
You need to follow the measurements below:
– If your child is unwell and you are unsure whether to send them to school, contact the social worker.
-Keep up to date with total days of absence to know if your child is at risk of persistent absence (check
semester 1 report and/or social workers will provide this for you).
-Talk to your child about the importance of them being in school and let them know how important you
feel it is.
Thank you for your support. I hope we can make improvements to attendance.
Head of American School
Taghreed Ibrahim